4 Ways to Donate to BBC, INC

1.  US Tax Credit:  Cash, US checks, Auto BillPay, or Wires are OK.  Checks made payable to BBC, Inc (Banderas Bay Charities, Inc), a USA 501(c)(3).


Memo section write which organization you are supprting:  e.g. PEACEAnimals, Amigos, SayulitAnimals, Pasitos de Luz, NOBARS, Canadian Children's Shelter of Hope, LADRA, Tercera Edad, Mantanchen, Puro Gato, etc


2.  Stock Transfer:  BBC Inc, has a TD Ameritrade account to accept stock transfers. TD Ameritrade does not allow us to post the account information, ask Amy Welch.


3.  Credit Cards for US tax credit:  credit cards are accepted online through PayPal and US Bank through the BBC Inc. secure website or contact Amy Welch for more information.  


4.  Canadian Tax Credit:  Through Canadian Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation, click on CAN credit for CanadaHelps link.  Contact Amy Welch if interested in sending a check.


Contact Us

Amy Welch
505 N Tomahawk Is Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97217
Phone: 503-285-4007

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