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Edd Bissell

A resident of La Cruz (Puerto Vallarta), Edd is a retired pharmacist and gentleman farmer transplanted from Knoxville, Tennessee. He became involved with the villagers and school at San Quintin (located between La Cruz and Sayulita off Hwy 200), when his housekeeper Patricia lost track of time and missed her bus home.  As they drove along, Patricia was lamenting the poor condition of the community school. Edd stopped and peeped through a window. “Sad shape.”

Marvin West, Bissell’s friend and retired Scripps-Howard writer: “He made a list of needed repairs.  He saw no teaching materials and concluded that there were none. He counted 12 desks and later discovered there were 15 students.

“Bissell has gathered others to the cause.  Years of devotion and just a few pesos have made a wonderful difference in this little school.  Young lives have been changed. The community will never be what it was.  Mexico is the beneficiary.”