PEACE Mexico (Protection & Education: Animals, Culture, and Environment) was officially founded in 2005, but the start date goes back to 2003 when Help the Animals (Ayuda a los Animales) held its first spay and neuter clinic in Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Banderas) with one veterinarian and six volunteers.  In 2004, Molly Fisher, a socially conscious teacher at the American School in Puerto Vallarta, envisioned a community organization in the Punta de Mita area.


In 2005, Community House (Casa Comunidad) was born with the help of a donated space and 23 enthusiastic students.  Over the next two years, Molly almost single-handedly laid the groundwork for what she envisioned PEACE to become.  A crucial part of this development was establishing positive and effective relationships with the Mexican government, gaining the trust and support from influential community members, dedicated volunteers, and other non-profit organizations.


In 2007 and 2008, PEACE expanded to other towns along the bay.  The PEACE staff grew as well, increasing the efficiency and scope of their work.  In addition to the 30+ towns where the mobile spay and neuter clincs were held, PEACE worked with nine towns in the Bahia de Banderas on the Pacific Coast of Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and its environs).


PEACE in its short beginning, went from spay and neuter clinics to multiple programs:

Help the Animals (Ayuda a los Animales)

Community Pride (Orgullo en la Comunidad)

Community House (Casa Comunidad)


In May 2013, PEACE Mexico, a Mexican A.C. (nonprofit),  dissolved and reorganized as Peace Punta de Mita, A.C.

A.C. indicates Mexican-govt approved charitable status.

PEACE Punta de Mita programs are concentrated in the Punta de Mita-Higuera Blanca area and focus on three categories: Education, Health/Lifestyle, and Community Pride.


In September 2015, the board of directors of PEACE (US) voted to administer US donations primarily supporting the communities of Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca.  


Banderas Bay Charities, Inc,  an Oregon-based foundation with 501 (c)(3) status, was then formed to support a host of Puerto Vallarta-area charities, including PEACEAnimals, A.C., SayulitAnimals, A.C., Pasitos de Luz, A.C., Amigos de La Cruz, A.C.  and other entities that  increase health, educational and economic opportunities primarily, but not exclusively, in communities around the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta).


Effective October 1, 2015, PEACE will handle donations to Peace Punta de Mita and BBC INC will work with an array of charities.

During the transition period, the two charities will work together to ensure that donations will be appropriately directed.


Donations to Banderas Bay Charities can be donor-directed to the charity of one's choice.

Donations can be made out to BBC, INC or Banderas Bay Charities, Inc.


Banderas Bay Charities, Inc has official IRS recognition as a USA non-profit.

Banderas Bay Charities, Inc works with Canadian Children's Shelter of Hope to offer Revenue Canada tax credit for non-animal related missions.